Pure Water Window Cleaning Exeter

Many window cleaners add harmful chemicals to the water they use. We dont. We use the universal solvent – pure water. In fact we go beyond that and remove all impurities and minerals leaving ultra pure water. Basic physics is such that water will naturally return to its saturated state and in doing this, it will absorb the dirt from your glass before being rinsed of with more ultra pure water.
So there you go … simple result from a complex purification process. Your windows will dry clear and dirt free. This means no soap is left on the glass to attract dirt (unlike the traditional soap and squeegee method.). So windows stay cleaner for longer.

We provide a service as window cleaners in Exeter. Please feel free to call for a free quotation.

Conservatory cleaning in Exeter

Conservatories are basicly glass houses. They can be an attractive addition but need windows and roof cleaning regularly to avoid becoming an eyesore. Especially on UPVC, lichen and algae tend to proliferate. Delegate the task of cleaning windows, roof and UPVC frames to HiClean!

Window Cleaning Service in Exeter

We are ready to clean your windows. We include frames and sills each clean. We can also clean cladding, fascias and soffits with Ultra Pure Water to make your UPVC look fresh again.

Window Cleaning Innovation

More recently squeegees have been developed for pole use.

Typically they have a swivel handle. Rather than angleing the pole, the pole is twisted making the squeegee blade pivot so the water can be fanned downward off the window.

Window Cleaning Methods

The development of window cleaning methods is quite interesting. It is not a complicated operation but has seen some significant improvement in tools and equipment. Originally a leather was used. Then Ettore Steccone who relocated from Italy to the USA designed a brass squeegee. He had so many enquiries from his fellow tradesmen that he started to produce copies. He approached a major hardware store and persuaded them that he had more enquiries than he could service and they ordered a job lot. The same squeegee basic design is still available today.

Whole life building costs

Many properties get built.

Less obvious is that the maintenance cost can be up to four times the original build cost.

However if not maintained, the original investment quickly devalues.

Regular cleaning is vital to maintain value and condition.